Talk by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers – June 6th 2019

an inconvenient truth: the p-value

3 pm : 4 pm

On June 6th our third talk will take place from 3 pm until 4 pm at the University of Amsterdam. We are thrilled to have Eric-Jan Wagenmakers as a special speaker. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers is a professor at the Psychological Methods department at the University of Amsterdam. His main interest include Bayesian inference, models of decision making, and philosophy of science. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers is also the CEO/founder of the open-source statistics program JASP. See the abstract of his talk below.

This presentation consists of three parts. In the first, I will present a whirlwind tour of the p-value’s many statistical peculiarities. In the second, I will list reasons for the p-value’s continued dominance across the empirical sciences. One such reason is that the p-value can be used to silence your skeptics — that is, to discredit the null hypothesis that the experimental treatment was utterly ineffective. In the third part I will demonstrate how Bayesian hypothesis testing with JASP ( can provide a practical, principled, and easy-to-use alternative.