Preregistration Workshop – February 21st 2020

We are excited to announce our first SIOS workshop on preregistration. Join us to learn why preregistration is important and how to best preregister your thesis or internship proposal. In this workshop, you will learn valuable practical tips on how to preregister on the Open Science Framework (OSF). You will further learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


Citizen Science Movie Night – February 4th 2020

On February 4th, we are organizing a movie and discussion round on citizen science. Wonder what that even is? Citizen scientists are members of the public who, in their free time, get involved and collaborate on large scale scientific projects. And there’s a lot more to it!


A Lecture on Registered Reports by Chris Chambers – December 13th 2019

Registered Reports are a cornerstone of open science; they help us refocus on good theory, scientific relevance and robust methods, instead of “sexy” and significant results. In this open Good Research Practices lecture, organized by the Open Science Community Amsterdam (OSCA) and the Student Initiative for Open Science (SIOS), Chris Chambers will share his experience in implementing the Registered Reports format in the journal Cortex, as a way to improve transparency and reproducibility and to prevent publication bias.


Open Science Movie Night – November 20th 2019

Online, you can find loads of free videos, lectures and complete courses on Open Science topics. However, watching them alone and thinking about them by yourself can be lonely and boring. That’s why we have organized our first Open Science Movie night!


Lecture: An Introduction to Open Science – October 10th 2019

On October 10th, we will organize an introduction lecture to Open Science. In this lecture, we will tell you more about the reproducibility crisis and present solutions offered by the Open Science movement. Most important, we will discuss why this all is important for students.


Panel Discussion – 20th June 2019

On June 20th we organize our very first panel discussion from 4 pm until 5 pm at the University of Amsterdam. We invited PhD students and the head of the Methodology Shop to discuss the benefits and challenges of applying Open Science practices in their specific area of psychology.


Talk by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers – June 6th 2019

On June 6th our third talk will take place from 3 pm until 4 pm at the University of Amsterdam. We are thrilled to have Eric-Jan Wagenmakers as a special speaker. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers is a professor at the Psychological Methods department at the University of Amsterdam. His main interest include Bayesian inference, models of decision making, and philosophy of science. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers is also the CEO/founder of the open-source statistics program JASP. See the abstract of his talk below.

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Talk by Alexandra Sarafoglou – April 17th 2019

On April 17th our second talk will take place from 4 pm until 5 pm at the University of Amsterdam. We are thrilled to have Alexandra Sarafoglou as a speaker. Alexandra is a PhD student at the department of Psychological Methods of the University of Amsterdam, teaching assistent of the course Good Research Practices, and an active member of the Open Science Community Amsterdam. See the abstract of her talk below!

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First Talk by Sophia Crüwell – March 18th 2019

On March 18th our very first talk will take place from 4 pm until 5 pm at the University of Amsterdam. We are excited to have Sophia Crüwell as a speaker. Sophia is a research master student at the University of Amsterdam and co-author of the paper ‘8 Easy Steps to Open Science: An Annotated Reading List’. She will introduce the Open Science movement to us. See the abstract of the talk below!  

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