Open Science Movie Night – November 20th 2019

4 pm : 5 pm

Online, you can find loads of free videos, lectures and complete courses on Open Science topics. However, watching them alone and thinking about them by yourself can be lonely and boring. That’s why we have organized our first Open Science Movie night! We will be watching two videos from an online course by Daniël Lakens, who is a meta-science researcher at the University of Eindhoven. In the first short lecture, several open science practices are introduced and in the second video, replications and their importance will be covered. As a cherry on top, we have organized an online Q & A with Daniël Lakens at the end of the event. Taken together, we will be watching two super interesting short lectures, share out thoughts on them and get our remaining question immediately answered by one of the leading researchers in meta-science. We hope to see you there!