Lecture: An Introduction to Open Science – October 10th 2019

5 pm : 6 pm

On October 10th, we will organize an introduction lecture to Open Science. In this lecture, we will tell you more about the reproducibility crisis and present solutions offered by the Open Science movement. Most important, we will discuss why this all is important for students. For more information, read the abstract below.

In the last years, many sciences suffered from a replications crisis, meaning that many of previously shown effects could not be replicated. In this lecture, we will tell you more about how the replication crisis unfolded and explain what mechanisms might have caused it. Instead of leaving you discouraged about the current state of scientific research, we will present exciting ideas and solutions that are offered by the open science movement. Finally, we will discuss how all this relates to us as students. In short, we aim to give you an idea of what open science is, why it is really important and what is actually means for us students.