First Talk by Sophia Crüwell – March 18th 2019

4 pm : 5 pm

UvA REC G room S.09

On March 18th our very first talk will take place from 4 pm until 5 pm at the University of Amsterdam. We are excited to have Sophia Crüwell as a speaker. Sophia is a research master student at the University of Amsterdam and co-author of the paper ‘8 Easy Steps to Open Science: An Annotated Reading List’. She will introduce the Open Science movement to us. See the abstract of the talk below!  

Ever heard of the Replication Crisis in Psychology? Don’t really know what it is, what it means or why you should care? Or you heard of it already but would like to get an overview and meet like-minded people? Then join the inaugural lecture of the Student Initiative for Open Science! Our goal is to promote the principles and practices of Open Science amongst all students, no matter if Bachelor or Master and whether research-oriented or into applied science. Sophia Crüwell, a second year Research Master’s student and soon-to-be metascience PhD student, will give you an introduction to Open Science and the replication crisis. She will make sure you know what’s going on, why you should be skeptical when reading scientific papers, and how you can benefit from this all when conducting research for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.