A Lecture on Registered Reports by Chris Chambers – December 13th 2019

1 pm : 3 pm

UvA REC A1.03

Rewarding Quality Research Instead of Significant Results

Registered Reports are a cornerstone of open science; they help us refocus on good theory, scientific relevance and robust methods, instead of “sexy” and significant results. In this open Good Research Practices lecture, organized by the Open Science Community Amsterdam (OSCA) and the Student Initiative for Open Science (SIOS), Chris Chambers will share his experience in implementing the Registered Reports format in the journal Cortex, as a way to improve transparency and reproducibility and to prevent publication bias. Chris Chambers is a professor of cognitive neuroscience at Cardiff University, he is the chair of the Registered Reports committee and a well-known open science advocate. He is also the author of the popular textbook “Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology”. In this lecture, he will discuss how Registered Reports were implemented in other scientific journals, how this impacted psychological science and what’s next.