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JOIN OUR MISSION Currently, we are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but we would love to see SIOS spread over more cities/universities. Therefore, we need your support! Are you excited about Open Science? Do you want to spread this Initiative in your own city? Let us know! We are happy to help you set up … Continue reading Join Us!

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We are expanding our team and looking for students that are excited about Open Science. Maybe you are the person that would like to fulfill one of the following positions: Lecture Team We are looking for people to join our lecture team. Your tasks within the team would be coming up with ideas for lectures … Continue reading Join Our Team!

Previous Events

Talk by Eric-Jan Wagenmakers – June 6th 2019 On June 6th our third talk will take place from 3 pm until 4 pm at the University of Amsterdam. We are thrilled to have Eric-Jan Wagenmakers as a special speaker. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers is a professor at the Psychological Methods department at the University of Amsterdam. His … Continue reading Previous Events

Open Science

What is Open Science? Open Science refers to methods to create valid and reliable  research. These tools and ideas support transparency, openness, and reproducibility in the scientific field and are applied to different stages of the scientific cycle. An example is pre-registering your research, which includes specifying the hypotheses (and, where possible, direction) and your … Continue reading Open Science

OS News

Our First Panel Discussion 20th June 2019 On June 20th, we organized our first panel discussion. Angelika Stefan, Sascha Duken, Suzanne Hoogeveen, and Adam Finneman told us about Open Science in their department. We could have discussed much longer. Thank you for coming to our last event of the semester. We hope to see you … Continue reading OS News


The idea of forming a student initiative for Open Science rose from taking a course about good (and questionable) research practices. As we were learning about the many issues that are currently causing the replication crisis in psychological science, we also learned about all the exciting solutions and initiatives that are offered by the Open … Continue reading Mission