Spiegeloog x SIOS

As of February 2022, SIOS has been collaborating with the University of Amsterdam’s Psychology Department’s magazine Spiegeloog. The project started off with a special Science issue for which we wrote four intriguing articles:

In the first article, Iris introduces the open science movement and explains how SIOS contributes to its advancement by focusing on students at the early stages of their careers. Nita then discusses the importance of teaching scientific and statistical reasoning skills to undergraduates by comparing her experiences in two different UvA departments. In the third article, From Public Findings to Private Journals, Elias reflects on the privilege that the UvA VPN provided him during his exchange semester abroad and the underlying reasons for the (un)equal access to scientific publications. Finally, Julius talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we view scientists and their work and highlights the importance of adopting the open science framework, especially during a worldwide crisis.

You can find all SIOS’ articles here. The collaboration will continue by SIOS’ writers contributing to each monthly issue with a special open science related column.

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